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Face Sculpting

Face Sculpting

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  • Vegan-approved synthetic Taklon bristles that are cruelty-free, non-porous, doesn’t absorb too much product, transfer fewer bacteria and dead skin cells

  • Each brush is hand made with precision for guaranteed long lifetime

  • Wooden handle covered in waterproof paint for protection and addition of metallic for a beautiful appearance

  • Robust ferrule (brass metal) – bent and scratch-resistant with Nanshy logo engraved on – guaranteed authenticity


A must have for both professional and at home artists, this perfectly shaped contoured brush makes the art of make up contouring easy.
The synthetic bristles are suitable to use with all product textures including cream, gel and powder.
Lightly brush over the chosen product, dust off excess into a tissue and sweep under cheekbones and around jawline. This brush can also be used to shape around nose and forehead area.
Once product is applied gently buff application for a flawless finish.
The synthetic bristles also mean that when cleaned this brush will retain its colour and shape with no bristle breakage.

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