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Brow Brush Set

Brow Brush Set

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  1. Softest brushes you’ve ever tried

  2. 4 makeup brushes

  3. Loved by Makeup Artists

  4. 100% Cruelty-Free, VEGAN

  5. Labelled Handles made from beech wood


The Brow Brush Set features 4 brushes to master the perfect brow look. With the strong brush handles, each tool offers ultimate precision and control whilst the super-soft head seamlessly creates the desire look.

Includes 4 brushes:

Spollie -  Ideal to groom stray hairs as well as blending colour.

Angled Detailer - Very thin and precise, makes it so easy to draw mimic hair.

Flat Definer - to finish off your look by concealing or highlighting.

Smudger - Makes it easy to apply and blend colour.

Ingredients: Brushes are made from premium synthetic bristles.

All brushes are packed individually to prevent the bristle deformation.

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